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Friday, 14 Aug 2020


The main feature of Table Top Weighing Scale is its ability to weigh objects and consumer goods. This portable weighing scale has a wide range of applications. Table top scales can be used in industries, retail shops, grocery stores and also for domestic weighing purposes. The rear digital display adds to the convenience of the shopkeepers and the customers. Table Top Weighing Scales have an attractive overall design. Considering the versatility of this scale, it is available at affordable costs.

Table Top Scale Front View

Table Top Scale Rear View

Features :

  • Microcontroller Based
  • Capacity : 2kg to 30kg
  • Model   : WTTT
  • Accuracy  0.01 %
  • Pan Size  300 x 250 mm
  • Built in Battery Backup.
  • Bright 7 Segments Red LED front & rear Display.
  • Power Required 230 V AC.
  • Key Board Calibration.
  • Optional RS 232 Port for PC Interface.
Applications :
  • Grocery Shops.
  • Retail Shops.
  • All types of Industries.

Specifications :

WEIGH-TECH Table Top Scales with Front & Rear Display
Model Capacity  Graduation Pan Size (mm)
WTTT-5 5kg 0.5g 300 x 250
WTTT-10 10kg 1g 300 x 250
WTTT-20 20kg 2g 300 x 250
WTTT-30 30kg 5g 300 x 250

 Note : Products design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.